English: Giovanni Battista Martini- Magnificat

The publishing and recording project which will be completed by 2024 develops on scientific
research which has as its object the complete collection of his 38 Magnificats within the vast
production of sacred music by Father Giovan Battista Martini.
The project is aimed at:
1.Musical institutions,
2. Music Academies and Conservatories,
3. Institutions and/or choral groups,
4.National or regional choral associations
What is described here is the continuation of a wider publishing and recording project of the
"Scintille Solidali" choral movement aimed at deepening vocal music for choir through the
search for unpublished music but of great interest for the musical history of some composers
and " places” where they built their compositional work.
The previous projects produced the critical and recording editions of the Masses of the Vasto
Bernardino Lupacchino (1490-1555), active in the Giulia chapel and of the Masses of the
Bolognese Camillo Cortellini (1561-1630) responsible for the Palatine chapel of Bologna for
whose productions they about ten of the most prestigious Italian choirs and conductors
The musicological studies and transcriptions of eight Martinian Magnificats at the center of
the research of Silvia Giummo, Pier Paolo Scattolin, Luigi Di Tullio and Carmine Leonzi
(degree thesis, Two-year Choral Conducting course at the Bologna Conservatory, supervisor
Pier Paolo Scattolin) and of another four very recent theses at the Conservatoprio of
Castelfranco Veneto (supervisor Marco Berrini) confirmed the aesthetic and formal beauty of
compositions of excellent workmanship and original inspiration, thanks to the concert and
training activity widespread in Italy by some choirs.
The Magnificats have richly differentiated ensembles, but all with continuo (organ obligato,
harpsichord, string instrument for the instrumental bass): from one voice up to five voices and
a double choir of 8 voices, with only continuo and/or stringed and woodwind (1/2 flutes, 2
oboes, bassoon, 2 trumpets 2 trombones/horns)
Actions concerning the Magnificats useful for the partnership
1. Participation in the critical edition:
the editorial work includes the complete 38 scores of the Magnificat composed by Father
Giovan Battista Martini (1706-1784) over a period of time from 1727 to 1768.
The four volumes of the critical edition published in the Corpus Musicum Franciscanum
series by Antoniano di Padova extend for about 800 pages, of which about fifty for the critical
– additions of a musicological nature

– constitution of the scientific committee
2. Participation in the record edition:
includes the complete Magnificat collection in a three CD box set included in the catalog of
the Italian label Tactus.
The implementation of the audio recording activity includes:
– the audio recordings will be entrusted to some choirs expert in performing Baroque style
– the preparation of one or two instrumental groups according to the organics envisaged by the
3.Presentation to the public with concerts and open rehearsals.
4. Masterclass of a musicological nature in collaboration with the Italian Conservatories of
Music, with Italian musical associations and institutions and/or included in the didactic
activity organized by individual choirs.
In summary, these can be the forms of participation of the partnership in the project as well as
proposals coming independently from the partners:
1. sponsorship with or without charges
2. recording of 4 Magnificats by a choir
3. on-site execution of at least one Magnificat
4.participation in the paper publication in the scientific committee and/or in the edition of the
5. training and musicological activities

For the Euridice choir
Pier Paolo Scattolin

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